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Does Your Hair Need Protein or Hydration?

Working out why your hair is dry, brittle or frizzy sometimes feels like being a detective. Is it my hair products? The way I brush my hair? How many times I wash it? Or maybe it's really serious and I have an illness (yes I've considered this - don't judge me). Sometimes though, it's a case of determining what your hair needs rather than how it got in this condition. Come on down the protein vs. hydration debate.

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I've always had fine hair, the kind that limply sits there like it's exhausted from just being on my head. The kind that when I look in the mirror I feel like I've nailed the latest volumiser look, only to spy photos of myself later on and realise that it's hanging from my scalp with the flatness only a curly hair girl would dream of. Whilst there is no shame in fine hair as I'm getting older my hair seems to be getting drier, frizzier and those poor little strands of hair are in serious trouble. What I do know is that I needed to find out what was going on with it and fix it quick smart.

Two Common Damaged Conditions

There are two common damaged conditions that appear as dry and lacklustre hair - protein deficiency and hydration or moisture deficiency. Understanding what damaged condition your hair is in will help determine what kind of treatment is best.

Protein vs. Hydration Deficiency

Hair that is deficient in protein often feels like a mushy, cotton-candy feeling. It can be stringy, limp or sticky. Usually this happens to chemically damaged and ultra-fine hair. You need to be careful of having too much protein too. Hair will feel tough or hard if it has too much protein. If you use an egg wash be wary as this can quickly lead to too much protein. If your hair is dry, brittle or rough is probably need softening or hydration through rich fatty acids, aloe or nut butters.

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How Can I Tell What Damage I Have?

Try the elasticity test if you're still not sure what kind of damage you have.

1. Take an inch of your hair and stretch it

2. If it doesn't stretch or breaks, feels dry and rough, is brittle you need moisture treatment.

3. If it stretches far and doesn't break or return, feels mushy or gummy you need protein.

4. If it stretches a bit then returns to its normal state, lucky you, your hair is perfectly balanced.

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