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Hello Emily - "Beauty Comes in Many Forms"

Say hello to Emily aka 'whyhellobeauty', she's beauty obsessed and after growing up in the rugged landscape of Tasmania knows beauty can come in many forms. Emily is somewhat of a beauty blogger genius having collaborated with some of the biggest beauty brands around like Sephora and Charlotte Tilbury. Today we get to chance to ask her all things 'better beauty'.

Tell us about why you use ‘better beauty’ products and what’s the most important factor for you when buying?

I try to use cruelty free products wherever possible, and intend to make a more conscious decision about this going forward in 2018. Our little fur babies shouldn't suffer for a swipe of lipstick or slick of mascara!

What are you go-to brands and products?

 Zuii Organic's Flora Lipstick in Classic Red is a new favourite for a special occasion, or you know, a Monday! In terms of brands I use, this includes Dermatonics, The Ordinary, Pixi Beauty, Clarins,  Estee Lauder, Fresh Beauty and many more - I'm quite the skincare junkie!

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What are 3 things anyone starting out using ‘better beauty’ products should know?

Hmmm this is a good question - I think researching and learning as much as you can about what you want to avoid and also use, will give you the best foot forward, and allow you to make smart choices. If vegan beauty is your passion, try a website like The Velvet Report for the complete and comprehensive lowdown on all things V-Beauty!

What does your typical beauty routine look like?

AM: Shower, tone and moisturise with SPF. 

Primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara, brows and lipstick.

PM: Double cleanse and then exfoliation once or twice a week, toner, serum or two and night cream. I tend to mask once a week too, so this is incorporated in after cleansing and exfoliation, and before toner. 

Lipstick, Gloss, Stain or Balm? Which one is your favourite?

 I'll say a stain, it's the perfect in-between and doesn't leave you sticky or matte or anything. It's also so pretty and delicate with or without makeup. It also pairs great with a lip balm!

What can’t you live without?

 I think I'd say lip balm and sunscreen, I'm pretty fanatical about protecting my skin from the sun and the elements, so this two are a bathroom cabinet staple!

Any tips of the trade you’d like to share?

DIY a yummy lip scrub for chapped lips by mixing brown sugar and an oil of your choice for smoother lush lips. I do this every few nights and find lip balm penetrates much better after exfoliation. 


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